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Monday, October 5, 2015

Now get your favorite KFC delivered to your berth

IRCTC has joined hands with KFC in order to provide fresh food to the people. As we know KFC is the most loved restaurant, these guys are ready to deliver the finger lickin good food to your berth.

This facility has been started in 12 train which are running through New Delhi station and will be expands to Hyderabad, Visakhapatnam and Bangalore stations soon.

Members who are willing to order KFC in IRCTC should visit IRCTC website or can call 18001034139 (Toll Free) to place the order. An unique password will be sent to the customer's mobile and the passenger should mention the password to the delivery guy on delivery.

This service is currently available for the train which do not have pantry cars and will be added to trains like Rajdhani and Durunto.

Dhruv Kaul, Chief Marketing Officer, KFC, has recently stated that "It's an great opurtunity to provide our fresh food to the fans of KFC even along in a journey. we work hard and will expand to many other stations as soon as possible"
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IRCTC to provide confirm alternate ticket to Waiting List members

How about it if you are in a hurry and you don't get a train ticket and add on to that you just got an waiting list ticket. You will be very confused whether you get your confirmed ticket or not.

IRCTC authorities are in a plan to solve the problem. They are about to provide an alternate berth to every waiting list passenger within another train according to the report from The Times of India

Isn't it great if we get an alternate birth while all we are wishing to get just an confirmed ticket no matter whether it is RAC or not.

Anil kumar Saxena, Additional director general has stated that "There are so many trains running between same stations, we are planning to provide an confirm ticket to every passenger who is listed in waiting list"

This is the biggest and first effort from IRCTC to reduce the hassle of customer while booking the ticket.

This process of idea is still in initial stages and we will come up with more information as soon as we get it. 
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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Railway Budget 2015 | Rail Budget Highlights 2015-16

Rail Budget 2015 Highlights, Rail Budget 2015 Highlights ‘No Increase in Passenger Fares’, Rail Budget 2015 Highlights, Latest : Rail Budget 2015 Highlights ‘No Increase in Passenger Fares’, Indian rail way budget highlights 2015-16.
Railway Budget 2015 | Rail Budget Highlights 2015-16

 Railway minister Suresh Prabhu presented the railway budget for 2015- 2016 in Parliament on Thursday. Here are the key highlights of his India Railway Budget: 


  • Prabhu says railways need to undergo a transformation over the next five years.
  •  Four major goals been set up to transform railways: 
          a) To deliver a sustained and measurable improvement in customer experience.
          b) To make railways a safer means of travel.
          c) To expand capacity substantially and modernize infrastructure..
          d) Financial sustainability.
  • Priority to improve capacity on high density network in next five years.
  • Special focus on cleanliness campaign; Swachh Rail Swachh Bharat, new department for cleanliness, to be set up.


  • No increase in passenger fares.
  • Freight rates for urea raised by 10%, iron and steel by 0.8%, kerosene and cooking gas by 0.8%, coal by 6.3% and cement by 2.7%.


  •  Plan budget goes up 52% to Rs1.1 trillion for FY16.
  • Prabhu envisages investment of Rs8.5 trillion for railways in the next five years.
  •  Railways to raise funds from pension, institutional and multilateral agencies.
  •  To set up an infrastructure fund; holding company to raise long-term debt .
  • MPs requested to use part of their MPLAD funds to improve passenger amenities. 


  • Passengers can now book tickets 120 days in advance instead of 60 days earlier.
  • Railways aims to move towards paperless ticketing.
  • ‘Operation 5 minutes’ being launched so that passengers can buy railway tickets within five minutes.
  • SMS updates to be sent to inform passengers about any change in time of arrival and departure of trains.
  • Open wi-fi to be available at 400 railway stations.
  • Mobile charging units to be installed in general class coaches.
  • CCTVs to be installed in select trains and suburban trains for women safety.
  • Passengers will be able to order food through IRCTC website while booking tickets.
  • More water-vending machines to be set up at stations for cleaner water at lower prices.
  • 138 to be a nationwide 24x7 helpline number for railway-related queries; 182 to be a toll-free number for security-related issues.
  • On-board entertainment in Shatabdis to be introduced.
  •  NID approached to design user-friendly ladders for climbing upper berths.


  • 5-year corporate safety plan to be introduced to reduce accidents, with special focus on unmanned crossings.
  • The corporate safety plan to be ready in three months to identify annual quantifiable targets.
  •  Rs6,750 crore allocated for eliminating 3,438 level crossings; 970 road-underbridge and road-overbridge to be constructed.


  • 77 projects worth Rs96,182 crore to expand capacity.
  • Four dedicated freight corridors to be completed this year; 6,608km of track to be electrified.
  • Track capacity to be increased by 10% to 1.38 lakh km.
  • Speed on nine corridors to be increased from 110-130 kmph to 160-200 kmph.
  • Wagon-making scheme to be reviewed to make it easier for private investment.
  • Prabhu says railways stations need to be transformed, for which investments are needed.
  • Station redevelopment policy to be revamped and processes simplified by inviting open bids.
  • Development of 10 satellite railway terminals in major cities with twin purpose of decongesting the city and providing service to suburban passengers.
  • Joint ventures to be set up with states for focused project development, resource mobilization, land acquisition, project implementation and monitoring of critical rail projects.
  • PPP cell to be revamped to make it more result-oriented .
  • All railways projects to be moved to EPC model.
  • Transport Logistics Corporation of India (Transloc) to be set up for developing common user facilities with handling and value-added services to provide end-to-end logistics solution at select railway terminals through public-private partnerships.
  • Prabhu says feasibility report of high-speed train between Mumbai and Ahmedabad expected by mid-2015 -- North-East connectivity to be improved, J&K connectivity also in focus. 


  • Prabhu says will promote Gandhi circuit to celebrate 100 years of Mahatma Gandhi’s return to India from South Africa.
  • IRCTC will work on Kisan Yatra, a special travel scheme for farmers for farming and marketing technique centres.
  • Incredible Rail for Incredible India to be launched.

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