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Monday, October 5, 2015

Now get your favorite KFC delivered to your berth

IRCTC has joined hands with KFC in order to provide fresh food to the people. As we know KFC is the most loved restaurant, these guys are ready to deliver the finger lickin good food to your berth.

This facility has been started in 12 train which are running through New Delhi station and will be expands to Hyderabad, Visakhapatnam and Bangalore stations soon.

Members who are willing to order KFC in IRCTC should visit IRCTC website or can call 18001034139 (Toll Free) to place the order. An unique password will be sent to the customer's mobile and the passenger should mention the password to the delivery guy on delivery.

This service is currently available for the train which do not have pantry cars and will be added to trains like Rajdhani and Durunto.

Dhruv Kaul, Chief Marketing Officer, KFC, has recently stated that "It's an great opurtunity to provide our fresh food to the fans of KFC even along in a journey. we work hard and will expand to many other stations as soon as possible"
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IRCTC to provide confirm alternate ticket to Waiting List members

How about it if you are in a hurry and you don't get a train ticket and add on to that you just got an waiting list ticket. You will be very confused whether you get your confirmed ticket or not.

IRCTC authorities are in a plan to solve the problem. They are about to provide an alternate berth to every waiting list passenger within another train according to the report from The Times of India

Isn't it great if we get an alternate birth while all we are wishing to get just an confirmed ticket no matter whether it is RAC or not.

Anil kumar Saxena, Additional director general has stated that "There are so many trains running between same stations, we are planning to provide an confirm ticket to every passenger who is listed in waiting list"

This is the biggest and first effort from IRCTC to reduce the hassle of customer while booking the ticket.

This process of idea is still in initial stages and we will come up with more information as soon as we get it. 
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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Womens Day Wishes Quotes And Status For WhatsApp And Facebook - International Women's Day 2015

International Womens Day is celebrated in every year March 8th. In this article we provided for you different Whomen's Day latest Wishes, Massages, Quotes, Status for WhatsApp and Facebook. By following this article you can tell wishes to your best wishes Mother, Sister, Girlfriend, Relatives on this Womens Day 2015.

happy womens day greetings

Happy Womens Day 2015 One / Single Line WhatsApp Status :

Women's Day Status for whatsapp is very rear to find because it should be a minimum characters. For your sake we work heard to find Single line Status for Whatsapp. These status are one line and it's very flexible to use as Whats App Status. This can also used as to tell wishes in short and simple Whomens Day Wishes.

An excellent lady must hope to be more responsible for her steps, than one less alluring.

Behind every successful man, there is Women who sacrifices her happiness for men.

Happy house is the one in which, women has given respect at all the time.

The degree of progress of any nation is the degree of progress of women’s achieved.

Being Women is difficult task because it contains principally dealing with Men.

Women’s guess is much more accurate than that of man’s certainty.

Whenever group of Women comes with oriented intention, the magic happens.

Man does not control his own fate, that job is beautifully done by women in his life.

The past as well as today shows that Women will be forgotten if they forget to think about themselves.

Over the miles… comes this wish...from me to say… You are Special! Glad Women's Day

A charming Women need not to follow the crowd. On the other hand, she herself is a crowd! Happy Women’s Day.
happy womens day greetings

Happy Women's Day Facebook Status And Wishes :

My world is beautiful because of you and I wish to spend the rest of my life loving you. I love you forever! “Happy Women Day”

This LIFE has no presence without a solid associate in WOMAN in every phase of life beginning from Motherhood to Wife, Sister &finally a Daughter. Content Women's Day !!

Each Home,Every Heart, Every Feeling, Every Moment Of joy is deficient without u, Only U can finish this world…  Happy Women's Day

This present Women's Day resolve to… Get your decisions right! More or less… Have a fun-filled and Enjoyable Women's Day!

You made me what I am the point at which I was nothing. You cried when I cried and grinned when I grinned. You have been a flawless partner for me. I recall that you on our day.

We are charming girls, we are sweet sisters, we are exquisite darlings, we are dear wives, we are delightful moms, we are wellspring of quality, we are WOMEN! Upbeat Women's Day!
happy womens day greetings

Happy Women’s Day 2015 Status for Facebook :

You can get her love in the form of sister, Mother, Beloved wife, Daughter, grandmother or maybe from mother of world like Mother Teresa. So, respect each and every woman in the world and let’s make a peaceful world beyond the imagination. A beautiful and happy women’s day!

Every house, every feeling, every happiness, every moment of life and even the whole world is not possible without you….the extraordinary ‘women’! Thanks to every women who sacrificed for me and love you a lot.

Feel special, unique, happy and on the top of the world. This entire world is running only because of your patience and love. The Day is totally yours women’s. Salute to your unbelievable qualities!

God has created a special entity who only knows to love a lot, take care of others and make adjustments and sacrifices for their loved ones. That special creation by God is ‘Women’. She lets you to be on ladder of success by staying herself at the bottom! Wishing you a very happy Women’s Day!

Woman gives you birth, takes your care more than herself, teached you to walk, eat, smile and every basic thing you wanted to live in life. She does not see at her own needs to let you be the good person. By looking back in life, you will get what she has done for you. Only Women can do such legendry work! Wishing a happy women’s day every single woman!

Woman is a symbol of strength, patience, sacrifices, humanity, Calmness, sincerity, thinking ability, concentration and last but not least is tremendous love. Such qualities make them to be on top in any companies, government, research, education and everywhere! Man should learn how to use internal potential to do work properly! Keep moving forward women’s wish you a pleasant happy Women’s day!

 Wishing you a day filled with goodness and warmth, wishing you happiness, success, peace….. Not only for today but forever in your life, I want to say thanks to all women’s in my life for supporting me and hope you will continue shower of blessings and love on me. Wish you happy women’s day and thank you once again!

When any home or country is said to be happy and perfect? The perfect answer for this is ‘when every woman in house or country gets lots of respect, love, equality, education, moral support for their overall development’. Let’s put a foot ahead to build a best society around by giving respect to women’s. Happy Women’s Day!!

The Credit of development of country should be given to women’s in that country. This is because, at the back end, there is always exists a mother, sister, wife, girlfriend which supports man to do extraordinary work. And due to such work, country goes on achieving higher and higher goals. Hats off to sacrifices made by millions of women’s! The day is totally for you onlyJ.
happy womens day greetings


You made me what I am when I was nothing. You cried with my cry and smiled with my smile. Thanks for being a perfect companion for me. Lots of blessings for women’s day.

Whenever any women say “Do whatever you want”, clever men should understand that he don’t been granted to do anything he likes to do.

The guess made by woman is more accurate than certainty of man. A man cannot think in same manner as the woman does.

Showering love and taking care of persons in life are two qualities which a woman carries from the birth. That is why we see nurses in hospital to take care of patient instead of man.

When a woman is with her husband, she fears even from cockroach. But, when it comes to save her child she does not hesitate to fight with any disaster. Thus, it is difficult to understand any woman.
Women’s are made to be loved and not to be understood. When you love them, they love ten times than you do.

Women’s gets breakdown easily after any bad incidence but, they overcome also fastly from that. This is exactly opposite in case of man.

Have you seen ocean of love, patience, scarifies? Look towards your mother and you will automatically get the answer. Hats off to the efforts taken by mother. Happy women’s day.
Wishing you a day that is just like you…..beautiful and special. Happy Women’s Day!

What lies behind us and what lies before us are not big matters as compared to what lies within us. You are always an inspiration for me.

A Wonderful mother, supportive, great friend, wonderful and angel mother, beautiful, friendly sister brought me on path of progress. Happy women’s day!

International Women’s Day Quotes, SMS Messages 2015:

God has given intuition, sensitivity, and femininity more than men’s and if used properly it can jumble every single man on the earth.

 As man and Women are complements and supplements of each other, development of women in every aspect should be the agenda of government rather than only providing education and safety to them.

The most optimum and fastest way to change society is to mobilize and motivate women towards that change and rest will be done automatically.

A good women as wife is one which behaves like sister in hall, like mother on dining table, like a girlfriend in bedroom and like a friend in surroundings.

Qualities in women are not dependent on their age. The best tunes are played on oldest fiddles.
The reason behind the women’s to be on top level positions in companies, government and any organization is their ability and direction to think, humanity, sincerity towards work and good leadership abilities.

Women have always been courageous. They don’t fear while protecting their children. But, on contrary, Women break down after unexpected incidence than man coz they are ocean’s of love and emotions.

Most of Women’s want any of the things men have but the fact is that they have one thing that is men. Only women can take men on path of progress of degrade.

happy womens day greetings

Happy Wome’s Day 2015 SMS Messages:

You can face adversity and can still walk tall, you can climb the Everest or you can swim in Deep Ocean, you can be CEO, GM, President, Scientist and even the mother of whole world like Mother Teresa. You have humanity, Beauty, compassionance, leading ability and focus and sincerity on work given. There is nothing on the earth which Women can’t do. Today is dedicated to all the women’s and a huge salute to women for their extraordinary powers.

God has created Man before women and this is because it is always beneficial to make rough draft firstly and then create the ‘Masterpiece’. Women is the most beautiful creation of God. Women plays number of characters in her life including daughter, sister, Wife, and off course, the Mother. She does provide a non extinguishing love and care for her relatives. March 8, is the day to love and care them. Happy Women’s Day to every woman.

Talented, Vibrant, Ambitious, emotional, beautiful and smart. The enthusiasm in all your endeavours inspires everyone! March 8, is only yours and day to remember that whatever men are today are all because of women only.

Women’s are loving, caring and daring mothers, sweet sisters, lovely and innocent daughters, beautiful and lovely lovers, source of strength, love, careness, emotions, talent. Happy and memorable Women’s day!

You can get love and care from women in form of sister, Wife, Daughter, Beloved and obviously form mother and grandmother.  Try to give respect to them not only because of their love and care but also due to their sacrifices to take the lead in your life.

Women's Day 2015 Wishes, Status And Quotes For WhatsApp, Facebook  article not only for FB and WA basically this article is full fill all the mediums like social networks and electronics like Smart Phones, Massingers  all other mediums to tell your best wishes in this International Womans Day 2015 to your closest ones.

Purple Color Is The Sign On Worlds Women's Day. Try To Ware Purple Color Dress On This Women's Day March 8th.

Ctrl+D Stay tune to this page for more wishes and greeting.  

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